96-Pin DIN 3U Uncommitted Extended
3U, 3-row, 96 positions DIN 41612 style Uncommitted Extender (click on image to enlarge)
96-pin DIN 41612 (rows A, B, C) Connector
Shown 96-pin DIN 41612 (rows A, B, C) Connector (click on image to enlarge)
 Uncommitted Extenders (Test Adapters) are strictly point-to-point with trace shielding

Jumpers are provided for interrupting each signal lines

 Mounting pads for additional DIN connector or test points for attachment of test specimens on either side

Max. current per contact @ nominal 50o C = 1.75A

Voltage rating 200 RMS or 300 VDC

Suitable for 160mm or 220mm card depth

Material : FR-4 Epoxy Glass
PCB UL94V-0, PCB RoHS Compliant
6 Internal 1oz. copper layers
PCB exposed Copper areas plated with Immersion Gold
Board Height 3U ( 3.937") ( 100mm )

Board Length 11.75" ( 298mm)

 PCB Thickness 0.062" (1.6mm)
 Card Extender brackets (arms) on top & bottom (P/N : 5210211)

 Expandable Height in multiples of 3U, i.e. 3U, 6U, 9U etc. can be achieved with mending plates

 Mending plates sold separately

Custom Extender design services available
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