Length : 7.5"
Height : 10.0"
Tongue Height : 6.3"
Contacts : 50 each side, 0.125" Centers
Current Rating : 5 amps at 10°F rise
Voltage Rating : 200 RMS or 300 VDC
Receptacle Contacts : Ni / Gold Plated
Material : FR4 Epoxy Glass, 2oz Copper
NEMA Grade : FR4
UL Flammability Class : 94V-0

General Purpose Extender,  3690-12

Ordering Info

        Part Number : 3690-12

Contact fingers at the other end of extender card are gold plated provides low insertion force and positive contact with printed circuit boards. Receptacles have double row phosphor bronze contacts with high quality, long life mounted on top of the extender. Appropriate polarizing keys are supplied with the receptacle. Probe hooks may be attached to tips on receptacles