4625-1, PCMCIA Universal Adapter Card

4625-1, PCMCIA Universal Adapter Card

■  Contains universal adapter card 4625-1 and 8008 pad per hole Circbord™

■  Interconnect via ribbon cable and dual pin headers

■  Clearly marked legends

■  Universal adapter card also offers compatibility with all other 

    Vectorbord® prototype cards for bus and shielding options. Uses

    ribbon cable interface.

■  Prototype board is 4.50" x 6.50" pad per hole with plated thru holes

■  Compatible with all Vector General Prototyping Boards and

    Accessories for complete flexibility

8008 Circbord™

PCMCIA Universal Adapter Card 4625-1

PCMCIA Adapter  Card

■  Part Number : 4625-1


Ordering Info

Ordering Info

■  Sized for Type 2 or Type 3 PCMCIA cards

■  PCMCIA 68 pin connector

■  4 dual row headers provide common interface to external devices

■  Bus legend clearly marked

■  Each signal and power line shielded by interlaced grounded lines

■  Dimensions : 2.13" W x 5.71" H x 0.062" Thick


■  Part Number : 4625-3

PCMCIA Prototyping Kit 4625-3

PCMCIA Universal Adapter Card accesses the PCMCIA 68 pin connector, extending all signals, power and ground lines to header outside the drive housing