HD99 Hardware Kit

Blank cover panels having only the standard sight hole and retaining screw holes, these panels have no handles, leaving the total area free for the mounting of connectors, switches, meters, etc. they can also be used at the rear of a subrack for mounting plug and socket connectors.

​Solid front or rear aluminum panels attach to rack frame with M2.5 captive screws. Conform to IEC 60297-3 and IEEE 1101.1. ​Comprehensive range of widths and heights available.

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Retainer Sleeve, Small, Plastic, Black, P/N : 9430000212
Captive Thumb Screw, M2.5-0.45 x 11mm long, P/N : 95000019

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(Pack of 25 pieces)

Stainless Steel

Nickel plated

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Screw, Captive, Pan Head, Phillips, M2.5 x 11mm long

Ordering Info for Hinged door panels

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HFP3U-84Aluminum, 2.5mm thick, 3U x 84HP (5.06" x 16.80") 
Polycarbonate,2.5mm thick, 3U x 84HP (5.06" x 16.80")
HFP6U-84Aluminum, 2.5mm thick, 6U x 84HP (10.31" x 16.80")
Polycarbonate, 2.5mm thick, 6U x 84HP (10.31" x 16.80")

Delivery Comprises

Each door panel kit includes, Panel with captive screws and retainer sleeves.

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Captive sleeves and screws are included with all blank cover panels and are also sold separately.

Hardware kit P/N : HD99. Each HD99 kit includes following items

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FP3U-84Front panel, Aluminum, 2.5mm thick, 3U x 84HP (5.06" x 16.80") 
Rear panel, Aluminum, 1.5mm thick, 3U x 85HP (5.06" x 17.00")
FP6U-84Front panel, Aluminum, 2.5mm thick, 6U x 84HP (10.31" x 16.80")
Rear panel, Aluminum, 1.5mm thick, 6U x 85HP (10.31" x 17.00")

  HD138 Hardware Kit

Ordering Info for Blank cover panels

Captive thumb screw and sleeves are included with all hinged door panels and are also sold separately.

Hardware kit P/N : HD138. Each HD138 kit includes following items

 Blank Cover Panels (Without Hinge) for Metric Subracks

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Hinged door panels typically used in situations where quick access is needed to equipment, but it is not desirable to remove the panel completely. 

Hinged door panels screw directly into lower M2.5 tapped nutstrips and secure at top M2.5 tapped nutstrip with captive thumb screws. Doors can be added to any DIN metric subracks without exceeding standard rackmount vertical height limitation. Aluminum doors are brushed with clear chem film finish. Polycarbonate doors are clear to light grey.

SC25-11/25 Hardware Kit



Retainer Sleeve, Large, Plastic, Black, P/N : 9430000848
Captive Screw, M2.5-0.45 x 11mm long, P/N : 95000002B

 Hinged Door Panels for Metric Subracks

Accessories - Subrack

Each Hinged door panel kit includes, Panel with captive thumbscrews and retainer sleeves.