CCE18 Front

CCE series fully assembled card cage enclosures are an economical way to enclose our EIA series subracks.

Included are top and bottom covers and front and rear hinged door panels that secure neatly with thumbscrews. Lanyards installed front and rear, Vector HA12 or HA13 handles and dress panels included. VectorPak™ series CG2 card guides sold separately.



Vector offers custom modifications to any CCE series subrack including the addition of front/rear panel cutouts, addition of fans, powder coating, silk-screening, etc. Please allow an extra 0.12" additional height over the total standard rack unit height. (e.g. 3U subrack is 5.23" + 0.125" = 5.355" high)​

CCE18 Rear

EIA Based VectorPak™ Non-Metric Subracks

CCE, Enclosed Subracks

Ordering Info

Subracks are sold in fully assembled form. Subrack assembly includes side panels, T-strut rails, rear bracketed T-strut rails to accommodate

connectors, dress panels, handles, top/bottom covers, front/rear hinged panels and mounting hardware.

Custom CCE17 Front


To mount card edge connectors

Height x Depth

10 = 2U (3.60" x 12.00")

13 = 3U (3.56" x 9.00")

14 = 3U (3.56" x 12.00")

15 = 4U (7.10" x 12.00")

20 = 4U (7.10" x 15.75")

17 = 5U (8.86" x 12.00")

18 = 6U (10.60" x 15.75")

19 = 7U (12.35" x 15.75")

Custom CCE17 Rear