​​Part Number

Subrack Dimensions 

(Height x Width x Depth)


Fits Card Size Range

2U Subrack


3.50” x 19.0” x 12.0” 

Continuous guide plates​0.75" to 2.75"  H x 6.50" L
3U Subrack

5.25" x 19.0” x 9.0”Continuous guide plates
2.50” to 4.50” H x 6.50" L
3U Subrack

5.25” x 19.0” x 12.0"
Continuous guide plates
2.50” to 4.50” H x 9.60” L
4U Subrack

7.00” x 19.0” x 12.0” 
Continuous guide plates
4.25” to 6.25” H x 9.60” L

VectorPak™ subracks offer versatility within a 19” rackmount format. All racks are adjustable in both height and depth, offering standard product solutions for standard and custom requirements. All Subrack sizes are compatible with Vector prototyping boards (see Vectorbord® Plugbord™ section), and can accommodate other sizes as well.

​Card Racks with continuous guide plate allows card placement on 0.15" centers. Continuous guide plates are 4.07" wide extruded aluminum.

EIA Based VectorPak™ Non-Metric Subrack


Ordering Info

Subracks with Continuous Guide plate

To mount card edge connectors

■  Subracks for Non-Metric card systems

■  Rack mountable per ANSI/EIA-310-D

​■  Light weight aluminum construction

■  Conductive connections of all metal components

■  Card guides for 0.062" (1.57mm) thick PCBs

■  Cards can be installed on multiple of 0.15" centers

■  Slots in side panels provides adjustability for T-strut rails

■  Rear T-struts for mounting connectors.

​■  Sold in fully assembled form​ only

Continuous Guide plate detail

Subrack sold in assembled form only. Assembly includes side panels, T-strut rails, continuous guide plates, rear bracketed T-strut rails to accommodate connectors and mounting hardware.