6U Overall 3-row, 96 positions DIN 41612 style Uncommitted Extender

Ordering Info

Shown 96-pin DIN 41612 (rows A, B, C) Connector

■  Combine Board Height 6U (9.187") (233.35mm)

■  Board Length 11.75" ( 298mm) for UEB220-6U

■  Board Length 15.75" ( 400mm) for UEB400-6U

■  PCB Thickness 0.062" (1.6mm)

■  Card Extender brackets included (arms) on top & bottom

    (P/N : 5210211, may also be ordered separately)

■  Expandable Height in multiples of 3U, i.e. 3U, 6U, 9U etc.

    can be achieved with mending plates

■  Mending plates sold separately

■  Material : FR-4 Epoxy Glass

■  PCB UL94V-0, PCB RoHS Compliant

■  6 Internal 1oz. copper layers

■  PCB exposed Copper areas plated with Immersion Gold


■  Part Number : UEB400-6U

Board specifications

■  Part Number : UEB220-6U

Mechanical specifications

■  Two Uncommitted Extenders UEB220-3U attached on top and

    bottom with mending plate to create UEB220-6U Extender

■  Uncommitted Extenders are strictly point-to-point with each

    row of pins isolated on separate layers

■  Jumpers are provided for interrupting each signal lines

■  Mounting pads for additional DIN connector or test points for

    attachment of test specimens on either side

■  Max. current per contact @ nominal 50° C = 1.75A

■  Voltage rating 200 RMS or 300 VDC

■  Suitable for 160mm or 220mm card depth

UEB220-6U, UEB400-6U, 6U, 96-pin DIN

 Uncommitted   Extender