Mechanical Specifications

​​Part Number



VME64x, 1101.10, with Type IV Injector/Ejector handles. Can be used for both 160-pin or 96-pin VME64x/VME 6U backplanes.

VME, 1101.1, with Type I Ejector handles. . Can be used for 96-pin VME 6U backplanes only.

FPE046UX160, VME Air Blocker
FP10B4HP6UX160, VME64x Air Blocker

FP10B4HP6UX160, VME64x Air Blocker

FPE046UX160, VME Air Blocker

VME and VME64x Air Blocker

■  Conforms to mechanical specification of IEEE 1101.1, IEEE 1101.10

    6U x 160mm x 4HP slot

■  Two 96-pin DIN 41612 male connector shells with no pins mounted on plug-in side​

■  Blocks air flow for empty slots​

■  VME64x with EMC type Front Panel and Type IV Injector/Ejector handles

■  VME with Non EMC Front Panel and Type I Ejector handle​s

Ordering Info

System Accessories


Vector Electronics and Technology, Inc. provides a VME, VME64x Air blocker, 6U x 160mm x 4HP slot for deflecting airflow in chassis empty slots. Connector will engage for proper fit, assumes that the backplane has automatic or electronic BUSGRANT/IACK daisy-chaining. 6U x 160mm bypass plate with air baffles and connector shells with no pins. 

■  Front Panel

    6U high, 10.31" (261.85mm) x 4HP width, 0.80" (20.32mm)

■  Bypass Panel

    6U High, 9.187" (233.35mm) x 160mm Depth, 6.299" x 0.062" Thick (1.57mm)