■  Board Height 6U , 9.187" (233.35mm)
■  Board Depth 6.299" (160mm)
■  PCB Thickness 0.062" (1.6mm)
■  160-pin J1/J2 connector (P0 optional, contact factory)
■  Backwards compatibility to 96-pin J1/J2

Vector Electronics and Technology, Inc. VME and VME64x load boards provides a means to test the power generated and cooling capability of VME systems.

The 6U VME and VME64x load board functions to test a system’s cooling capability by applying a variable load to the power supply for verification, then generating necessary heat to confirm the chassis’ cooling. This enables locating hot spots in the chassis so the airflow can be properly directed.​

VME and VME64x Load Board

Power Rating


Mechanical Specifications

​​Part Number



VME64x with Injector/Ejector handles

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VME with Ejector handles
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VME with Fixed handles

Board Specifications

System Accessories

VMEL-75, VME64x Load board

■  Material : FR-4 Epoxy Glass
■  PCB UL94V-0, PCB RoHS Compliant
■  4 layer stripline design
■  2 oz. copper power and ground


■  Conforms to electrical and mechanical connections of ANSI/VITA 1, 1994 for VME

    and ANSI/VITA 1.1, 1997 for VME64 extensions, J1 & J2 power and ground

■  Verifies chassis can meet power requirement and specifications for

    VME/VME64x J1/J2

■  Aids in locating hot spots in the chassis

■  Switches are used to select resistive loads for each voltage

■  Primary test points +V1, +V2, -V1, -V2, ACFAIL, SYSRESET, SYSFAIL and GND

■  Power supply loading varies with front panel switches from 0 to 7 amps for

    thermal characterization

Ordering Info

VMEL-75 Front

■  35W @ +5V
■  23.1W @ +3.3V
■  8.4W @ +12V
■  8.4W @ -12V