(Power Interface Backplane, Dual)

Model No Size Description
4626-11 3U x 8HP Single P47, for one plug-in power supply
4626-12 3U x 16HP Dual P47, for two plug-in power supplies
4626-14 3U x 24HP Triple P47, for three plug-in power supplies
4626-24 6U x 8HP Dual P47, for two plug-in power supply connectors
4626-24T 6U x 8HP Single P47, for top plug-in power supply connector
4626-24B 6U x 8HP Single P47, for bottom plug-in power supply connector


(Power Interface Backplane, Single)


■  Material : FR-4 Epoxy Glass construction

■  PCB UL94-V0, RoHS compliant

■  PCB copper areas plated with Immersion gold

Power supply backplane provide a modular approach for the addition of plug-in, hot-swap power supplies. As a result there is no need to modify expensive backplanes to incorporate redundant power supplies or N+1 configurations. Multiple power supply backplanes may be bridged together for additional power supply requirements.

This backplanes routes AC or DC input to the power supply, which converts it to the necessary voltages for cPCI or VME and then routes those voltages to power lugs on the rear of the backplane. Power connections can then be easily made to existing backplanes.

(Power Interface Backplane, Triple)

(Power Interface Backplane, Single)

(Power Interface Backplane, Dual)

Power Interface Backplanes, P47

4626-24 Front view 

4626-11 Rear view 

■  3U Board Height = 5.067" (128.7mm)

■  PCB Thicknes = 0.125" (3.175mm)

■  SMT / Press-fit assembly

■  Compatible with IEEE 1101.10 subracks and accessories


Top  Connector Only

Backplane Features

Board specifications

Ordering Info

4626-24 Rear view 

4626-11 Front view 


Bottom  Connector Only

4626-12 Rear view 

Mechanical specifications

4626-12 Front view 

■  Power interface specification : PICMG 2.11 Rev 1.0 

■  Input power : AC or DC (3-Pin Mate-N-Lok Connector)

■  DC output voltages : +5V, +3.3V, +12V, -12V

■  Voltage output options :

    ATX Connector
    Screw terminals (Power Bugs) for higher current requirements

■  Local or Remote voltage sensing option

■  Geographical address headers for each power supply


Both  Connectors

4626-14 Front view