Power Pick-up pins

0 = Pins Not Installed

1 = Pins Installed

​2 = Power and Ground Pins Installed


Number of Slots

From 02 to 21


■  Material : 6 Layer FR-4 Epoxy Glass construction

■  PCB UL94V-0, RoHS Compliant

■  PCB Copper areas plated with Immersion Gold

■  3U Board Height = 5.067" (128.7mm)

■  3U size can be combined into 6U or 9U

■  PCB thickness = 4.05mm

■  Press-fit assembly

■  Compatible with IEEE 1101.10 subracks

Front View Universal Uncommitted 3U backplane with 96 & 160 pin DIN Connectors

Ordering Info

Power Input Connectors

0 = No Connector

2 = Power Bugs


Board specifications



Universal Uncommitted Backplanes, 96 or 160  pin DIN



■  Available in slot counts of minimum 3 to 21 (0.80" spacing)

■  High performance wire-wrap interconnections

■  3U size can be combined into 6U or 9U

■  Accommodate 5-row, 160-pin DIN or 3 row, 96-pin DIN connectors

■  6 Layer construction

      Layer 1 : Chassis Ground (component side)

​      Layer 2 : +5V

​      Layer 3 : AUX A (auxiliary voltage)

      Layer 4:  AUX B (auxiliary voltage)

​      Layer 5 : AUX C (auxiliary voltage)

      Layer 6 : Circuit Ground (solder side)


Slots Centers

A = 0.800"

Rear View Universal Uncommitted 3U backplane with 96 & 160 pin DIN Connectors



Mechanical specifications


UM = 96 positions DIN

UX = 160 positions DIN

Universal (uncommitted) multilayer backplanes are designed for unique one of a kind applications requiring custom pin-out wiring from connector to connector. Each individual connector pin must be "assigned" by connecting to adjacent power or ground pins with wire or jumpers. Power or Ground input through a labeled series of power taps (screw terminals) along to top and bottom of the board.

These backplanes are designed for maximum utility by incorporating labeled rows of power and ground pins for each connector slot. Up to four distinct power planes and two ground planes accessible for each slot. +5V can be reassigned. Other power planes simply labeled AUX A, AUX B, and AUX C. Two separate ground planes available.​