A pair of Terminator boards are included with each J1 and J2 VME backplane and are also available separately. There are two versions : Perpendicular (standard) and parallel. The latter offers a lower profile (Normal profile : 1.0", parallel : 0.5") than the perpendicular, if this is needed.​

 VMEBP21J1 Front view (J1, VME Backplane, 21-slots)

The interrupt acknowledge and bus grant daisy chain signals must be jumpered on this backplane when a slot is not occupied, and if there are boards further down (towards RIGHT) the backplane. Jumper connection locations are identified at each connector on the rear of the backplane, Jumper connections may be made by wire-wrapping or by using 0.100” X 0.100” push-on jumpers or shunt, made for 0.025” square wire-wrap posts.

■  Material : FR-4 Epoxy Glass construction

■  PCB UL94-V0, RoHS compliant

Mechanical specifications

 VMEBP21J1 Rear view (J1, VME Backplane, 21-slots)

■  96 pin DIN 41612, class II, female connectors

■  +5V and Ground access through Mate-N-Lock connectors

■  Mating connector housing and pins provided

■  Terminator modules included with J1 and J2

■  Connector spacing of 4HP (0.80")

■  Extensive labeling on board surface identifies user assignable    

    pins, IACK IN and IACK OUT pins, and other information

Vector offers wide range of VME backplanes from 3 to 21 slots wide in J1 and J2 are 3U backplanes. All VME backplane boards are constructed from FR4 epoxy glass material and are assembled and tested. Press fit connectors are used throughout on all sizes.

Vector J1 VME backplanes handle high signal densities and circuit speeds with integrity and reliability. Six layer construction and controlled impedence design effectively reduce crosstalk and ringing on bus lines. Massive copper clad power and ground planes on opposite board sides; patented shielding technique effectively surrounds each signal trace with a closed conductive loop for blocking both capacitive and inductive coupling.

Terminator Boards for VME backplane

Ordering Info

Ordering Info

■  3U Board Height = 5.118" (130.0mm)

■  Board width : see ordering info

■  Compatible with IEEE 1101.10 subracks and accessories


IACK  and BG jumpers on rear of VME J1 backplane

VME J1   or  J2  Backplanes, 3U, 96-pin DIN

Order Number Description Width
VMEBP2J1 2-slot, VME J1 1.33" (33mm)
VMEBP6J1 6-slot, VME J1 4.74" (120mm)
VMEBP8J1 8-slot, VME J1 6.34" (161mm)
VMEBP9J1 9-slot, VME J1 7.14" (181mm)
VMEBP10J1 10-slot, VME J1 7.94" (201mm)
VMEBP21J1 21-slot, VME J1 16.74" (425mm)
VMEBP2J2 2-slot, VME J2 1.33" (33mm)
VMEBP5J2 5-slot, VME J2 3.94" (100mm)
VMEBP6J2 6-slot, VME J2 4.74" (120mm)
VMEBP7J2 7-slot, VME J2 5.54" (140mm)
VMEBP8J2 8-slot, VME J2 6.34" (161mm)
VMEBP9J2 9-slot, VME J2 7.14" (181mm)
VMEBP10J2 10-slot, VME J2 7.94" (201mm)
VMEBP21J2 21-slot, VME J2 16.74" (425mm)

Backplane Features


Daisy Chain Jumpers for J1 backplane




Board specifications

Order Number Description Height Width Thickness
VMETBJ1 J1, Perpendicular 3.70" (94mm) 1.325" (34mm) 0.52" (13.2mm)
VMETBJ1-P J1, Parallel 3.70" (94mm) 1.000" (25.4mm) 0.52" (13.2mm)
VMETBJ2 J2, Perpendicular 3.70" (94mm) 1.325" (34mm) 0.52" (13.2mm)
VMETBJ2-P J2, Parallel 3.70" (94mm) 1.000" (25.4mm) 0.52" (13.2mm)