Backplane Type

BP = VME J1, 96-pin DIN

64 = VME64x J1, 160-pin DIN

■  VME64, VME64x Backplane Specification : ANSI / VITA 1.1-1997

■  Compliant to : ANSI / VITA 1.7-2003 (R2009)

■  Greater than 64MHz high speed design

■  Shielded signal lines & Controlled Imepedence

■  Active Electronic Bus Grant & IACK Daisy chaining

■  Screw Terminals (Power Bugs) for power input

■  On board termination

■  Surface mount / pressfit technology


(VME64x J1 backplane, 21-slots, front)

Backplane Features

Our standard VMEbus type VME64 and VME64x backplanes configurations can be ordered using the chart below, however Vector can custom configure any of our backplanes to suit your specific needs. Contact for more information.

Standard backplanes include on-board termination and electronic daisy chaining(EBG) with OR-logic integrated into the backplane.

Order "VMEBP" for VME J1, 96-pin DIN connectors or "VME64" for VME64x J1, 160-pin J1/J2 DIN connectors.

Conformal coating available and is MIL-I-46058C and IPC-CC-830 qualified and U.L. recognized.

Backplane No. of Slots

  9 =  9-slots, 7.15"W​

10 = 10-slots, 7.95"W​

15 = 15-slots, 11.95"W​

16 = 16-slots, 12.75"W​

​​21 = 21-slots, 16.75"W

VMEBPE21J1 Rear View

Mechanical specifications

■  3U Board Height = 5.067" (128.7mm)

■  4.05mm thick PCB eliminates need for backplane stiffner rail

■  SMT / Press-fit assembly

■  Connector pitch : 4HP (0.800")

​■  Board Width = 0.745" + ([N-1] x 0.80") inches​

           "N" = number of slots

           0.745" = sum of overhang @ either end of backplane

Board specifications

VME64E21J1 Rear View

■  Material : 10-layer FR-4 Epoxy Glass construction

■  PCB UL94-V0, RoHS compliant

■  PCB copper areas plated with Immersion gold

Vector offers a VMEbus and VME64x J1 only backplanes currently in 21, 16, 15, 10 and 9 slots per ANSI/VITA 1.1-1997. Discreet 3U high VME64 and VME64x backplanes are fully RoHS compliant and perform to ANSI/VITA 1.7-2003 (R2009) increased current level for VME (96 pin) and VME64x (160 pin) DIN/IEC connectors. VME64x incorporates a 5 row, 160 pin DIN connector which provides extra I/O and signal lines but also backward compatibility with traditional VMEbus systems that uses 96 pin DIN connectors. Both J1 versions of our VME64 and VME64x backplanes are 3U high are an easy replacement or addition to any 3U subrack system.​


VME64E21J1 Front View

(VME, J1  backplane, 21-slots,front)


with On  BoardTermination and Electronic Bus-Grant (EBG)



Auto Jumper


(Electronic Bus Grant)



VME64,   VME64x J1 only   Backplanes

(VME64x, J1  backplane, 21-slots, rear)

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