Subrack Height

3U = 5.25"

6U = 10.50"

9U = 15.75"



Black anodized aluminum handles. Mounting hardware includes.​

Subracks can be ordered assembled or as kit form. Subrack assembly or kit includes side panels with flanges, front extrusions, rear extrusions, M2.5 tapped nutstrips, insulator strips and mounting hardware.

Top/Bottom Covers

These aluminum panels provide maximum protection for cards and are available in perforated or solid. Covers slide easily into extrusion grooves and can be added or removed at any time, no hardware needed.


Custom Options

Dress Panels

Dress panels provide an attractive, finished look to subrack and are required when adding handles. Brushed aluminum with clear chem film finish.


Part Number



AC160-84-1Perforated for CCA1602
Perforated for CCA220
AC280-84-1Perforated for CCA2802
AC340-84-1Perforated for CCA340
AC400-84-1Perforated for CCA400

■  Subrack to accommodate custom card height or depth
■  Wall mount, Rear cards entry
■  Height dividers for mixed card sizes
■  Subracks with backplanes and plug-in power supplies installed
■  Integrated fan cooling available and custom configurations

Card Depth

160 = 160mm; 6.30"

220 = 220mm; 8.66"

280 = 280mm; 11.02"

340 = 340mm; 13.39"

400 = 400mm; 15.75"

Part Number



HA19-3UHandle for 3U subrack2
Handle for 6U subrack
HA19-9UHandle for 9U subrack2

■  IEEE 1101.1 and IEC60297 compliant

■  3U, 6U and 9U heights

■  19" Standard width, rack mountable per ANSI/EIA-310-D

■  Conductive connections of all metal components

​■  Sold in fully assembled or in kit form​


Part Number



DP-3UDress panel for 3U subrack2
Dress panel for 6U subrack
DP-9UDress panel for 9U subrack2

Top/Bottom covers, subrack handles, dress panels and card guides are sold separately.

Substitute -1 with -2 for solid covers


Note :

Standard Card Height Dimension per IEEE 1101.1

3U = 100mm (3.94")

6U = 233.35mm (9.187")

9U = 366.7mm (14.437")

All subracks are standard 19" width rack-mountable per EIA RS-310D

Non-EMC Metric Subracks

Expoded view with parts idendification 

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Non-EMC Metric Subracks per IEEE 1101.1

3U Subrack

6U Subrack

Ordering Info for IEEE 1101.1 style subracks

Model Numbers

CCA = Assembled

CCK = Unassembled Kit

VectorPak™ Non-EMC subrack for 19" systems offers a versatile and comprehensive solution to your packaging needs. Based on DIN 41914 all parts conform to a system which allows your unique design to be constructed from a combination of standard. Subracks and accessories are available off the shelf, affording you short lead times for on time completion of your project.

Subracks accepts standard Eurocards in 3U, 6U and 9U heights and depths up to 400mm in IEEE 1101.1 and IEC60297 standards. This makes the subracks suitable for housing popular backplane types such as VME, VXI and also DIN connectors with the use of a connector mounting plates. Custom configurations available.