EMC Rugged Subracks

Wire-Wrap Terminals

Keyable and Non-Keyable card guides, ESD clips and card retainer per IEEE 1101.1/10 standard.

Extrusion Rails & Accessories

Door Panels

EMC Filler (blank) Panels

EMC Gasketed filler panels to cover unused slots.

EMA Module & Subracks

EMC rugged subracks per IEEE 101.1/10/11 standard for 3U, 6U and 9U size Eurocards.

EMC Subracks and Accessories

Press-In, Bifurcated, Trifurcated terminals for 0.042"(1.067mm) holes.

T46, T44, T68, T49, T125, T126

Extrusion rails, tapped nutstrips and DIN adapter plates.

EMC gasketed front panels and handles for front panels.

Solid and lexan front and rear door panels for subracks

Subracks and EMA, box type modules.

EMC Front Panels & Handles

EMC Standard Subracks

Card Guides & Accessories

EMC standard subracks per IEEE 1101.10

standard for 3U and 6U size Eurocard.