EMC rugged and standard subracks and accessories based on IEEE 1101.1/10/11 specifications.

Rackmountable fan tray assemblies with 3, 6 and 9 fans in AC or DC versions.

Fan Trays, 19" Rackmountable

Non metric subracks, EFP modules, card mount modules, T-strut rails, card guides, etc.​

Outer Enclosure for subracks

Press-In, Bifurcated, Trifurcated terminals for 0.042"(1.067mm) holes.

T46, T44, T68, T49, T125, T126

EMC Subracks & Accessories

EIA Non-Metric Subracks & Accessories

Subracks and Accessories

Non-EMC Subracks & Accessories

Non-EMC standard subracks and accessories

based on IEEE 1101.1 specifications.

Off-the-shelf standard or custom Vectorpak™ 19” rackmount subracks for plug-in PCB’s and cassette modules. Offered in EMC-metric, (Eurorack), Rugged or Non-Metric adjustable types all subrack assemblies include aluminum horizontal rails, side plates and rackmount flanges. Vectorpak™ card guides available from 74mm to 400mm lengths. Vectorpak™ front panels and front panel handles and card accessories available in 4, 5, 8 or 12HP standard or custom widths and any length and can be silkscreened. Type I, Type II, Type V or Type VII handles and EMC gasketing available.

Wire-Wrap Terminals

Rugged Benchtop/Desktop outer enclosures to house subracks.