CMA Module Subracks

Extrusion Rails

Subracks with snap-in type plastic card guides.

Subracks with Screw-In Guides

Press-In, Bifurcated, Trifurcated terminals for 0.042"(1.067mm) holes.

T46, T44, T68, T49, T125, T126

Slotted side panels with rackmount flanges for non-metric subrack systems.

Subrack Frame Only

Subracks with screw-in type plastic or metal card guides.

Snap-in, screw-in type plastic and metal card guides for non-metric subrack systems.

EIA Non-Metric Subracks and Accessories

Subracks with Snap-In Guides

Instrument Cases

Subrack with Continuous Guides

Subracks and universal card mount modules.

Card Guides

Universal Card Mount Subracks

T-struts, TSW-struts and Frame-Loc Rails™.

Wire-Wrap Terminals

CCE Enclosed Subracks

Subracks and shielded EFP modules.

Covers, Hinged Front Panels, Rear Panels

Multi-Mod™ cases for electronics assemblies.

Top and Bottom card rack covers, hinged front panels and rear panels.

P-Type Side Panels

Subracks with continuous aluminum guide plates.

CCE series enclosed subracks with front, rear panels and solid covers.

Subrack frames without card guides.