CMA Module Subracks

Extrusion Rails

Subracks with Snap-In Guides

CCE series enclosed subracks with front, rear panels and solid covers.

Instrument Cases

Subrack with Continuous Guides

Card Guides

T-struts, TSW-struts and Frame-Loc Rails™.

Wire-Wrap Terminals

CCE Enclosed Subracks

Subracks and shielded EFP modules.

Subracks and universal card mount modules.

Subrack frames without card guides.

Universal Card Mount Subracks

Top and Bottom card rack covers, hinged front panels and rear panels.

Subracks with continuous aluminum guide plates.

Press-In, Bifurcated, Trifurcated terminals for 0.042"(1.067mm) holes.

T46, T44, T68, T49, T125, T126

Slotted side panels with rackmount flanges for non-metric subrack systems.

Subrack Frame Only

EIA Non-Metric Subracks and Accessories

Subracks with Screw-In Guides

Covers, Hinged Front Panels, Rear Panels

P-Type Side Panels

Snap-in, screw-in type plastic and metal card guides for non-metric subrack systems.

Subracks with snap-in type plastic card guides.

Multi-Mod™ cases for electronics assemblies.

Subracks with screw-in type plastic or metal card guides.